Tips for dry, damaged hair

Has the summer fun caught up with you...and your hair?

Hanging poolside is so much fun, but can wreak havoc on our hair. Between the UV sun rays and chlorine, we’re left at the end of summer with faded color, dryness and all around more brittle hair.

Now I know you’re thinking, "Can I recover from this? What can I do? Do I have to just chop off my hair now?"

Well I’m here to tell you that there are a few solutions for you!!!

First things first! We gotta get moisture back in those strands! My recommendation is a weekly conditioning treatment. You can do them at home with a hair mask or even some coconut oil will work. Just be sure that you get your mask from your stylist so that you know you’re getting quality products and not doing more harm than good. My favorite is Soul Food nourishing mask from Amika, it works really well and smells AMAZING! If you’re going the coconut oil route, be sure to get unfiltered, unrefined coconut oil (the one at Costco is the most cost effective I have found).

Along with a weekly mask, you should also be heading to your stylist for a monthly deep conditioning treatment. These conditioning treatments not only restore moisture, but can reverse damage, lengthen the longevity of your color, and add so much shine back into your hair!

Another solution is to transition to a new color for fall. It’s very common for most women to go a little lighter for spring and summer and then transition a little darker for fall and winter.

And by that, I don’t mean flop from light blonde to dark brown. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have clients that do that, but I really don't recommend it.

Some other ideas for fall, is to add a gloss to your color to add richness and shine. Or if you're more blonde, you can add some ribbons of copper or chocolate brown low-lights to add more depth and dimension.

A fresh cut would be another option for you. In the fall is when most of us are itching for a new look. So this time of year a lot of my clients will try a new cut like a long bob, or some even try bangs for the first time. If you’re ends are dry, doing a good cut will definitely help liven those locks again!

So that’s it! These few tips should get your hair healthy and ready to rock all of the fall trends. The possibilities are endless, so check with your stylist to see what route would be best for you.

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