What it means to find your voice

A topic that has some up a lot for me recently is the concept of finding your voice. I thought each time “well that sounds great, but what does that even mean?”

Well the more it keeps coming up, the more clear it’s becoming for me.

It’s about the message I have for the world.

It's the feelings and thoughts and knowledge I have, but don’t share for fear of offending someone... Or making them mad at me... Or sounding like a complete lunatic because some of these things go against everything I was raised to believe.

Have you ever said or tried something that others didn’t understand or agree with? How did you feel about it?

What about wanting to do something so outside of anything you’ve ever done, but held yourself back for fear that you might make someone mad at you?

Well I’m here to tell you that THAT THING is your voice!

And the issue is, is that we all quiet our voices for fear of pissing people off.

For fear of looking weird.

For fear of judgement.

And I say let’s end that BS and fully step into who you are with pride.

Will you make your family mad because you’re changing? Yes.

Will your friends think you’re weird or different now? Yes.

Yes they all will, and that’s OKAY

I’m giving you permission to let your voice be heard! Let the freak flag fly, as I like to say!

You have a message that someone needs to hear. And you’re doing a major disservice by not standing up for your values and beliefs all because of the opinions of others.

So now you’re thinking “ok, I’m ready to do this, but how?”

Take some time to write down the limiting beliefs you have, or the negative thoughts you need to release.

Once you’re finished, write down the message you have for the world. What are you so passionate about it makes you giddy thinking about it? Or what is something you see in the world that you know could be different?

Really take some time and reflect on it.

From there you might display it publicly, or you might just realize your core values and get rid of anything that doesn’t align with them anymore. Either way you’ve done the work to get to know your authentic self and are giving yourself the confidence and permission to stay true to that.

And that my friend is your voice! Now go shout it from the rooftops and don’t let the negative voices in.

Know that change is a necessary part of life. And when you step into who you are truly meant to be it can feel scary at first, but once you’re there it is the most liberating feeling! I can assure you.

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